Lunch hour talk 26 March 2021

The Library’s first lunch hour talk for 2021 will be via Zoom. The Zoom link will open at 11.30 am for catch up chats and the talk will start at 12.00.

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Speaker: Natalie Conyer

Topic: Present Tense

When South Africa moved from apartheid to majority rule, locally produced crime fiction became extremely popular. Why was this? What does crime fiction have to say about the new South Africa, and how does it deal with real-life crime there? Natalie Conyer will talk about why she chose to write about South Africa and the challenges she faced in doing so. 

Natalie was born and grew up in Cape Town, South Africa but now lives in Sydney. Her debut crime novel, Present Tense, is set in Cape Town. Her short stories have won several awards in the Scarlet Stiletto competition run by Sisters in Crime Australia.

Natalie holds a doctorate in crime fiction. Present Tense was her first book and she is currently working on a second.