Leaving a bequest

A bequest is a gift left to the Library in an individual’s will. Increasingly, people are leaving a part of their estate to ensure that the causes they believed in during their lifetime will continue and prosper after their death. Naming the Library in your will gives you the opportunity to make a lasting contribution to the Library and every bequest, large or small, will help. General bequests are the best as they enable the Library to allocate the gift to where it can be best utilised. Let us know if you have included the Library in your will so we can acknowledge and thank you for your bequest during your lifetime.

You can leave:

  • a residuary of an estate
  • a percentage of an estate
  • all of the estate
  • a specific sum of money
  • a particular asset.

Additionally, the Library welcomes gifts of relevant books and other resources for the collection. Please ensure that your collection is discussed with the Library’s specialist volunteers before making a gift.

The Library recommends you consult with your lawyer when drawing up or reviewing your will for the appropriate wording. However, please make sure there is an acknowledgement that the receipt of the Library Secretary or Treasurer shall be a full and sufficient discharge to the Executor of your will for the receipt of the bequest.

If you have any queries about leaving a bequest, please contact us.